About me

I’m Yuko a.k.a. “wasabi”,

a 25 year-old Japanese Freelance Social Media & Blog Marketer / PR Director currently living in Berlin, Germany. I also spoke at TED x Youth @ Kobe 2016.

Professional Writer

I write about my unconventional work and lifestyles, working away from my home country abroad as a freelancer zero professional experience following graduation. My mission is to share my message to the world by showing people other examples of emerging “digital nomads” seen all over the world.

Public figure

I talked at TED x Youth @ Kobe 2016 as a speaker about the unconventional lifestyle I’ve committed myself to, and how we should break out of the traditional system which is not working anymore.

I have over 50,000 hits per month on average with around 14,000 Unique Visits per month currently. Added to that, my blog is updated almost daily and I get between 1500 and 2000 pageviews as well as having over 100 subscribers.


As a translator I predominantly translate IT-related web content for Japanese web media services such as lifehacker Japan. Other than that, I translate artists’ CVs or statements for both domestic and overseas clients.

I am also an official contributor for
The Huffington Post Japan and lifehacker Japan.

Other media that I write for:
Young Germany (German Embassy Tokyo’s Official Blog)

and more.